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Learn Discipline

and Focus while having fun!

Ages 4 – 5

Little Tigers

Our Little Tiger's program is designed to help pre-school aged children develop better listening skills and self-control while creating a positive environment to release energy and have fun!

All Ages Welcome!
6 years old and Up!

Regular Belt Classes

In our Regular Belt Classes, everyone is welcome and families enjoy taking this class together! Here you will learn the power of goal setting in many areas of life and school. Everyone will have the opportunity to reach goals on and off the mat. This class is great for the entire family.

Meet Goals

and Achieve Confidence!

Build Confidence

Challenging and Fun Lessons!

Ages 13 and Up!

Teen and Adult Classes

Our teen and adult classes provide a positive and encouraging atmosphere for anyone that wants to sharpen the mind and body. Building confidence and learning skills to advance you through the regular belt techniques towards a black belt! Every class provides a total body workout! You will understand what becoming a true martial artist means! Families are welcome to join this class to train together.

Current Black Belts

Black Belt Class

Our World Class Black Belt training is one of our most challenging programs. It is a class where our Black Belts train and learn leadership skills. These advanced classes are for black belts only and can guide you into becoming a member of the Demo Team.

Build Mastery

Excel and Train Hard!


Mental and Physical Strength

Level 2 and Up!


Our Sparring class is designed for our Level 2 students and up. This class is designed to teach our students Taekwondo Sparring. Taekwondo sparring is used to teach students how to deal with a live and moving human opponent (versus a static kicking dummy) in a controlled environment with protective sparring gear (i.e. helmet and chest protector) and a referee. This training is an excellent form of training for stamina, quick reflexes and mental strength. This training is available for students under 12 at Level 2 training.
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